Magento 2 How to add Custom tab to customer edit page

In Magento 2 to add a custom tab to customer edit page in Admin panel we need to follow the below approach. The solution approach is slightly different when compared to Magento 1.X version, here we will be using the UI Component. First create a file called customer_form.xml in Mydons/CustomTab/view/base/view/base/ui_component/customer_form.xml (file name should be customer_form.xml […]

How to change default Magento 2 Admin Logo and Copyright notice

Magento 2 Admin Logo Customization Magento 2 Default Admin Logo and Copyright notice can be changed/modified for our custom needs. The Default Admin Logo is Rendered in Magento_Backend module. The logo image source is passed as an argument, we can replace the argument with our own image path. For this Illustration I proceed directly to […]