Magento 2 creating custom console command to change the current theme

In the Last tutorial we have learned how to create a new custom console command in Magento2. This Article is a followup of our previous article, those who want to check the previous article please click the link below. Registering the New Console Command In Order to create a new console command it needs to […]

Magento 2 create custom console command with sample usecase

Introduction to Console Commands Magento 2 has a powerful command line framework integrated with it for performing the utility tasks such as cache cleaning, index management, module enable/disable, deployment etc. Magento Core Provides many useful commands out of the box, we can also create our own Console command for our needs. Example Use Case: Listing […]

Solution for Magento 2 Configurable product has price 0 in REST API Response

Magento 2 REST API is returning price zero for configurable products. Conceptually a Configurable Product doesn’t have a price associated with it, only the child products associated with it will have the price. But for rendering a configurable product on a Mobile App with Magento 2 REST API this will look odd. This issue is […]