Error handler with requirejs

Error handler with requireJs is very easy. As we all know the importance of error handling in application this topic helps you to understand the error handler concept in requireJs. Error handler Method definition By default in requireJs there are two methods which handles error. requireType requireModules requireType: ┬áThis is a string value with a … Continue Reading

Understanding requireJs hello world example

requireJs hello world helps you to understand the flow of your module across the application. Using requireJs the java-script can be structured with modular approach. Introduction requireJs is most commonly used by java-script applications such as Kendo UI and other major frameworks like WordPress, Drupal etc… requireJs is a modularity based architecture which will help … Continue Reading

Woocommerce override template files via theme in wordpress

Woocommerce override template files via theme is pretty straight forward. This plugin has lot of features to utilize for e-commerce websites. Woocommerce template contains the markup and template structure for the front end display. Introduction Woocommerce is a WordPress ecommerce plugin that helps us to build an online store using wordpress platform. Woocommerce is an … Continue Reading

Adding a simple magento password strength meter in form

Magento Password strength meter brings user interaction with forms. Magento provides built in support for form validation. However if it provides a nice Interactive validation response it would increase the user experience. Lets say while creating a password it would be nice if the user gets to know about the strength of his password. So … Continue Reading