Analog clock hour needle puzzle

Question : In an analog clock for 25 minutes duration how much does the hour hand will move ? ?? ???? …….. ??????   Answer : 12.5  degree . Explanation : Analog clock is 360 degree. For 60 minutes the hour hand will move 30 degree. So for 30 minutes the hour hand will move […]

PHP 5.4 overview

1. Traits feature is added. Traits is used to reduce the limitations of single inheritance. A Trait cannot be instantiated on its own. Traits allows its methods to be reused in several independent classes. Example:

In the above example code we define a trait using the keyword trait followed by its definition. We can […]

Apple puzzle, interview question.

Question: There are 6 people sitting in a room around the table. On top of the table there is a basket with 6 apple in it. All person took one apple each but still one apple was left in the basket. How !! ?? thinking ???   still thinking ???   the answer is very […]

How to create sub menu in magento admin from custom module

As a Magento Developer sometimes we may get a requirement to create a new menu item/ sub menu in magento admin panel. In todays article we see the steps to create a sub menu under an existing top menu in adminpanel.So for this example the sub menu will be created under customers menu. We can […]