How to Display the most recently added products first in magento

Magento Provides three different options to sort the catalog products i.e name, price, position. For a store with more than 1000 products it is not possible enter position values in backend for each products. We can replace this with product ids , so that the frontend will display the most recently added products. Step 1: […]

jQuery plugin with fancy selection like Facebook friend selection

Nowadays almost everyone knows about Facebook, and its daily innovation on user interaction attracts the entire world. All Website Owners likes to have the same functionality of facebook in their website . jQuery Plugin fcbkListSelection allows you to easily create the friends selection functionality in your apps. You can use this feature for any action you wish […]

How to Remove N/A Option in Radio Button Field Drupal 7

One of the interesting Features of Drupal 7 is the Field API. Prior to Drupal 6, to make a custom field the Core Profile Module and Content Profile Modules are used. Now in Drupal 7 we can make any custom field to appear in User Registration Form. When Adding Custom Fields Such as Gender usually […]