Easy Form Validation in magento

Magento provides some Default classes for validating form elements in frontend. We can make use of those existing class names for our custom forms and reuse the client side validation code of Magento. Let’s see a couple of examples from magento source code 1. Adding the required class to any field label will give the … Continue Reading

How to theme the views in Drupal

In Drupal views are used to display the content , images etc.. to the users. Views has the own default template , to create the custom template. In the Edit mode of views page , click on the Theme Information in the Basic settings block, in this block the theme information  will listed in order like Display … Continue Reading

Drupal blocks in different regions in variuos pages

In Drupal the Blocks are used to display the sidebar contents, texts, images , videos etc. In some cases we need the same blocks to be displayed on right sidebar in the home page and the same block to be displayed in the bottom or in the content region in the inner pages. Say for e.g  … Continue Reading

Create Magento maintenance page during site updates

Every Website Needs a Maintenance Page that can be displayed during maintenance activities. Even If a website is under construction we can prevent the visitors from Viewing the Site before it is actually ready. In this article we will create a maintenance Page for Magento. This feature doesn’t come with Default magento installation, but it … Continue Reading