Detecting Proxy Server using PHP

Proxy Server acts as an Intermediary between Client and the Server. The necessity of Proxy Server is high when we search for some web resources. php-proxy-server class written in PHP allows user to find the list of Proxy Servers in the web. This class can check if Proxy Server is working and its type.It can … Continue Reading

Excellent test-cases for Simpletest Drupal 7 Framework

Simpletest/Testing module allows the Drupal Developers to write test cases along module development Let us write a simple drupal module in Drupal 7 with testcase. Our Drupal module will simply create a Helloworld Block. Our custom module will be called as simpletestdemo. As from Drupal 7 the custom modules should reside in sites/default/modules directory. We … Continue Reading

SimpleTest a Testing Framework in Drupal 7

SimpleTest is a custom contributed module in Drupal 6. Now in Drupal 7 SimpleTest/Testing module is added to the Drupal core. Purpose of this module is to provide a custom testing framework for running automated unit and functional tests in Drupal. Important features of SimpleTest: 1. SimpleTest allows the Drupal developers to write test cases … Continue Reading