Quick Drupal 6 VIEWS overview

Views is a contributed module in Drupal. The Main purpose of this module is to provide a Graphical User Interface for fetching Node/contents from database. It has a query builder that generates the SQL query based upon your inputs. Download the views module and upload it in sites/all/modules folder. Now Navigate to the module section … Continue Reading

Simple Quick AJAX and Usage

AJAX stands for Asynchronous Java-script and XML. AJAX is used to allow web pages to interact with server asynchronously by exchanging some amounts of data with the server. This is mainly used because it will not reload the whole part of the web page. Ajax will fetch the result through “XMLHttpRequest” object instead of  “http Request“. In a webpage … Continue Reading

JQuery :: Top tweet's like twitter

Nowadays no one forgets about twitter when people are online. Twitter is most inspired for the user interface and experience, dynamic latest tweets from the twitter post with animated effect makes user to stay on the twitter home page and get updates continuously without any further navigation. Why can’t you make your latest posts/news in … Continue Reading