Ajax Registration form in magento

In this article we are going to create a custom registration form in magento with Ajax functionality. The default magento registration form does the email verification of the user in the server side i.e After form submission. We are going to make it interactive. Step 1: After creating the basic module,we need to override the […]

jQuery :: JavaScript Statistics Library

jStat is a simple JavaScript statistics library which is built using jQuery framework. jStat is powerful and configurable plotting functions, this statistical workout can be done with out need for statistical languages such as (MATLAB or R). When talking about cross browser compatibility jStat supports all latest versions of major browsers such as, Internet Explorer – versions 7+ Firefox – […]

Magento cron job issue solution

Recently While developing a custom module with cron job i faced an issue, my cron job was not executed successfully. When i inspected the cron_schedule table in database it shows the status as error and the below message was found in messages field. ‘Mage_Core_Exception’ with message ‘Invalid callback: mymodel/observer::observermethod doesn’t exist My model class is […]

How to find website speed online ? Loads.in do this !

Loads.in is a site used to check the loading speed of your website. No need to install software from your desktop to check the speed of your webpage. Now its very easy and simple to check the speed of your webpage. This tool have some attractive features to check the speed of your webpage in worlds most famous […]

Simple example using magento event observer

Magento’s Event observer concept is about raising events in key areas in an application flow. An Event is an action that takes place during normal program execution. Eg: Product saved,order placed,etc. Observer is the event handler. Customizing Magento using Event observer allows us to add our own logic in addition to the core logic without […]

Illustrator / Photoshop – pen tool with CSS3

CSSwrap helps you to creates pen tool like feature with pure CSS3 and HTML. CSSwrap allow you to create dynamic text transitions with many options in it. This feature contains a form with options like Text box – to add your dynamic text and click wrap it Curve – method to draw the curve text […]

jQuery :: Found excellent password masking like iPhone / iPad

One of the salient features of iPhone is password masking. iPhone shows and thinks, everything unique and different way in usability aspect. We always tend to forget the last character typed in the password in several web applications, due to this we may get authentication error or application won’t allow you to access the page. […]

Fixed Mac OS Safari Codeigniter session/login/authentication issue

Codeigniter is a most widely used PHP framework in the website development.  I’ve been using codeigniter around one year, it works perfect in the caching system, application handling, views handling and so. When I tested the application which I’ve developed using codeigniter with MAC Operating System I was struggling to login to the application with […]

jQuery :: Easy captcha plug-in QapTcha

Captcha plays a vital role in all the form’s which is submitted in web-page’s.  Similarly it will be irritating if we type and re-type for all forms eg:- password reset. jQuery gives you an very easy and attractive plug-in to validate human or robot machine. QapTcha is a jQuery plug-in with easy option to validate […]